Rescues are….. My passion


I’ve had animals all my life. And a variety of dogs from a husky, to a cocker spaniel, to Shiz tzus. Dogs have been a constant presence in my life from as long as I can remember. My first rescue was my little man Deuce. He looks like a Havanese but we are not really sure :/. This little guy has been bounced from person to person since he was a puppy. And then his last “home” didn’t do a great job of taking care of him. He spent all day in a kennel & then the husband wanted to dump him at the shelter. Even though I support our shelter, it’s currently a kill shelter. It’s striving to become part of the No Kill Revolution but nonetheless, I couldn’t let this fuzzy, long haired baby go there. Little did I know exactly how important it was I took him in was. I was told he was up to date on shots & in great health. But when I asked for vet records, they had no idea where they were. Deuce started hacking & breathing hard. I had to take my Hails puppy that was at her dads & step moms house to the vet so I figured it was time to take Deuce. Well, turns out Deuce had heart worms. BAD CASE of heart worms. Anyone who’s treated a pet for heart worms knows how serious and how costly it can be. Long story short, since taking in Deuce, I promised myself that I’d never again buy from a breeder. I’d either adopt from the shelter or keep dogs from going into the shelter at all. That was almost 5 years ago now. Since then we now have 3 rescues. And I have become an advocate for adoption being your first option when looking for your family pet. I use every opportunity I can to educate on the over population of cats and dogs. I insists people spay and neuter, but most importantly, I educate them on puppy mills and the horrors behind the facade.
This post turned out to be a little longer than I initially planned :/ so I will leave you with:


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