Life at the Brett house…

I say little. But when you begin to count our 3 dogs and a gerbil, it’s really not that little. But it is my family. We have our cozy house out in what I refer to as the country, on an acre, with wonderful country noises which include howling dogs, frogs, and a rooster greeting you in the morning.
If you want a seat in the house, you’ll have to either fight the dogs or just have them sit on top of you ;).
We eat dinner at our dinner table. Most of the time, Hails leads us in saying Grace, and the tv is on pause or off. We have conversations.
The laundry isn’t always done (lucky for me I have a Victoria’s Secret addiction so I never run out of undies) the house may not always be squeaky clean, but for the most part, it’s mostly clutter free.
The husband is a football coach, I am a member service rep, & Hails current occupation is a struggling 2nd grader with a sassy attitude.
If the windows are open, you can hear me yelling at the kids (yes the dogs & daughter) to stop driving me crazy.
Occasionally you’ll find me in the kitchen, in Betty Crocker mode baking something awesome. Baking makes me happy and we got a shit ton of baking things so I will be going into over time soon.
Our dogs are family. If we go on a trip, normally they come with. They are spoiled, two have terrible manners, none have any sense of personal space, and if you leave your snack unattended, it will disappear.
Our family may not be perfect. But it’s mine. And I love our family..


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