Staying positive…


I feel that today is going to be a great day. Maybe it’s because the sun has been shining for about 4 days straight & it’s FINALLY beginning to feel like spring/summer on the Gulf Coast. I posted this quote because reading it honestly makes me feel strong & good inside & out. When I feel & act happy, everything else around me seems to fall right into step. My Hails, the dogs, my hubby. Sometimes even the people I encounter throughout the day. I once heard that people are either having a bad day or a bad life. Those who are having a bad day, can possibly be impacted by the smile you have plastered on your face. It may make them smile & hopefully turn the day into a positive. Those with a bad life however, won’t be so easy. Have no fear for the future. Rejoice in today. Think about all the wonderful amazing things that are going on in your life & be grateful. Hope all of you have an amazing Hump day. Xo


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