New addition to the Brett family.


I am an animal loving, tree hugging, recycling, green motivated person ever!!! And my heart bleeds constantly for sob stories involving fur babies. So when I read the email involving this little guy, I was like we have to take him. We’re his last stop before the shelter. A family from work started feeding him, he was a stray, all beat up, skinny, in horrid condition. They decided to try & take him in. And even though he showed them love & appreciation, he would tear up sprinkler systems, the neighbors fishing equipment, newspapers, shoes, & endless other things stolen from near by homes. He had been beat & does not do well in confined spaces. Every time he was placed in a kennel or bathroom he would go crazy & injure himself trying to get out. So needless to say, if he ended up in the shelter, he would not do well. At all. My husband being the wonderful man he is, let his animal crazed wife talk him into going to look at him. & here he is. Our new pitty mix. Hoss “Iron Hide” Brett IV


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