Happy Mother’s Day


I hope all you beautiful moms out there have a wonderful day. I hope your children make you breakfast in bed & your significant others bought something sparkly. For all those single parents out there, you deserve something awesome for yourselves too. For all the hard work, the love you had to give double, the sleepless nights, & accomplishing it all on your own.
This is my first Mother’s Day married & my beautiful Hails turned 8 today as well. 8 years of laughter & giggles. 8 years of kisses & hugs. And 8 years of tantrums, throw up, colds, & the last couple years fighting before school every morning. My beautiful girl is a walking talking reminder of the hell I put my parents through. Being a parent is a tireless job, sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard, but it is never ever easy. At least not if you’re doing it right. Take this day to relax. I know I will 😉 nothing like spending the day at our home with my Hails & some wonderful friends. Xoxo


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