Decided that after grocery shopping, making a 13 bean & brown rice stew, spending the day at the spa, AND catching up on the Vampire Diaries, that I would finally get on here and play around with my lay out! I think it’s beginning to turn out nicely. I have lots to do this week. I am hoping to begin our wedding scrapbook at some point, but waiting on our wonderful guests to start flooding my email with any pictures they may have taken. I’m also waiting to see the pictures done by our photographer. I will post some pictures of Heather’s work soon I hope. I do have to make sure she’s alright with me talking about her in the blog. As everyone else. Also my beautiful Hails turns 8 next Saturday. Planning a tiny sleepover that evening. By tiny I mean 3 of her friends, her, & myself. i am excited and worried at the same time. Worried that the girls will have more energy than I can possibly spare & leave me feeling like a zombie on Mother’s day. 

Anyway, I plan to officially introduce the blog to the world this week. Hope it’s a hit with everyone!! Hope everyone had a fab Cinco de Mayo. MUAH!


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