31 Days of Awesomeness.


To celebrate my awesome self being on this planet for 31 years, I’m going to share things that make my life spectacular for the next 31 days. Granted my birthday isn’t really until the 14 of next month, but June only has 30 days so I have to start tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy the peak into my life the next 31 days. Everything I post will have a piece of my heart and soul as they all make up who I am in one way or another. I’m pretty excited to share them! Have a fabulous day xo!


Hoss Iron Hide Brett IV

It’s Hoss’s week number three at the Brett house and I think that our new addition is settling in nicely. Here he is resting his big head atop poor Stella Gray. She has been so good to her new brother. And so has Deuce the smallest of the bunch. Contrary to what we were told, Hoss never tried to fight anyone for food. He only picked a fight once, and that was extinguished as quickly as it started. He now knows to come in the morning sit in the kitchen and wait semi patiently for a treat. He also knows that everyone sits by the back door, waits for their name to be called, and “come” as the word to come out side. As with Stella Gray, this pittie baby is just as needy if not more so. As I type this, his head is in my lap. You think your two year old toddler is demanding?! Try having a love deprived pit bull who wants nothing to do but cuddle, kiss, and smother you to death. People have such an ugly misconception of these kinds of dogs. Pit bulls/ Staffordshire terriers are labeled because of the terrible things that humanity has brought out in them. They are judged solely on appearance rather than by their personalities. I’ve grown up with many dogs and I just adore the pitties and staffies. I think Nick and I will always rescue them. Always try to share our positive experiences with them. I’m more the advocator than my husband, but I know that Stella Gray has impacted him more than he thought imaginable and he will always tell people of our awesome blue nose pit. Now that Hoss is here, Stella has someone new to play with, Hails finally has “her” dog, Nick has another boy in the house, and I have another baby to nurture and spoil.


Brett Home Renovations Part 2:


For most home owner’s who like to do DIY projects, weekends and vacations mean HOME RENOVATIONS!!!!! Yay! Right?! Well when it’s pretty outside and the beginning of summer, the last thing anyone really wants to do is begin a project. But Nick being the awesome hubby that he is, with some help from our friend Adam, started AND finished our deck the same day! And he even stopped to take a break and go eat some crawfish for awhile. I will post a picture of the finished product after this posts. Now we still have to seal it but we may get a water seal that stains the wood in the process. We love having folks come out to the house and this just gives us more room to do so!
I love weekend warrior projects. Even if I’m not necessarily the one doing the work 😉

Remembering the Fallen.


For most of Americans, this is just a three day weekend. An extra day of fun in the sun and some more bbq. Being the product of the United States Navy (as I so proudly refer to myself as) I and my sister know different. My dad is a retired Master Chief. I get to talk with my hero all the time. Actually, I know many men and women who have served. Each acquiring my loyalty and ever lasting love. Our family knows what it feels like to celebrate holidays while a loved one is deployed. And we know the worry and fear of having our dad away at war and not knowing what the future holds. We were always blessed and our dad always came home, but so so many never do. While we all get ready to start our day, take the time to give thanks to these brave men, women, and four legged companions who keep us living the wonderful lives we live. Remember that without our United States Military we would have nothing. No freedoms, no United States, no good life. We should be grateful and show gratitude every day. But if you haven’t, do it today. May God welcome all those that have fought the good fight with open arms. May the families of lost loved ones find strength and have honor and pride in their name and in their family. Supporting our troops is something that flows in my blood. I will always continue to do so as I hope many of you will. Have a safe Memorial Day. Buy a soldier a hamburger, coffee, whatever it is they may be standing in line for. And say thank you..

Summer Starts Here!!!!!!


I don’t know about the rest of you but our summer officially starts this weekend! My Hails is out of school, Nick only has mornings to work, and I well I still have my 8-5 M-F but at least it’s not getting dark until 8:30 or so. Summertime is MY FAVORITE TIME! Maybe it’s because I was born in June. Or possibly because I can lay in the sun for hours on end and hardly ever get sun burn. Whatever the reason, I love this time a year. For me the smell of coconut sun tan lotion is what imagine heaven smells like. My best childhood memories are of my sister and I playing in the water hose or at the beach. Or having birthday parties at the pool on base. It’s the time of year where you just throw a dress over your bikini and go out to dinner with beach made waves and smelling like the beach . Summer is the time for summer flings (well not anymore for me), adventures, fireworks, cold adult beverages pool side, tubing, block parties, camping!!! I am so excited it’s finally here!!

Counting Our Blessings….


I think the saddest part about posting things like this, is that they’re always done in light of tragedies. This should be something that’s done on a regular basis. And yet, the slightest misstep can cause any one of us to forget our blessings and only count our misfortunes.
When it rains it pours. I get it. Trust me. Your job, school, kids, personal relationships ALL have the ability to go south at one point and time. Nothing is ever, EVER going to be perfect or go exactly the way you want it to go. I’m one of the worst as far as throwing bitch fits goes. I will rant and rave and throw a tantrum. I’ve been known to even stomp my foot at times. But I’ve been trying to do better. And like I said, in the beginning it’s a tragedy that makes us open our eyes. My heart breaks for Oklahoma. As I think many of your hearts as well. They need as many prayers and as much help as possible. With that being said, I think we all need to go on a personal mission to help remind us of how blessed we are. Even when things are going really really bad. I’m a firm believer that without struggles and without sadness we wouldn’t appreciate all the wonderful things we have going on.
When we reflect on all the things we have, I think we are all more inclined to give more to others.
Hopefully this was some what inspiring to you guys. Have a great day! Xoxo